Weekly Summary: 2

This week was a challenge, personally and academically. There has been a recent change in my house, creating a lot of moving pieces and me at the center making it difficult for me to do work and sleep. The other highlight of my week, is that my WordPress account locked me out for thirty minutes because I couldn’t get my username right….I misspelled my own name.

However, I actually had a lot of fun with these assignments, like I learned how to make a gif. I made the gifs and goofy photos by downloading a gif making app that allowed to make videos and create and draw on pictures. For my captions I actually was on the phone with my friend and we were laughing at the gif I made and bam! A caption was born! (I can also say that gif is what my face looks like 90% of the time I am at work). I actually did enjoy the little mix match photo creation I did for the assignment block, where you see Agent Cody Banks ready to fight. I remember watching this movie so clearly, I’m interested in seeing who guesses what quote is from where and who is who.

At times I find the assignments and tasks challenging because I am still learning how to use some of these sites, but for the most part the class isn’t to bad and I am enjoying the creativity aspect of it a ton.
I also struggled trying to use an audio site for my Daily Create piece, so I ended up downloading a voice memo file and uploading it to SoundCloud.

Below is some of the assignments I worked on this week.

Daily Create: When I picked this quote, I said I want something strange and weird that oddly makes sense when said out loud. So, I googled “weird inspiring quotes” thus this weird and inspiring quote became my new favorite thing to say. The only part of this that I have previously mentioned I struggled on was getting an online audio site to work on my computer. Talk about frustrating! So that is how SoundCloud got involved in this mission.

Assignment Bank Exploration: I have abs because I laughed so much while creating these images.

Question of the Week: Here is the link to my Slack response


Assignment Bank Exploration

DS106 Reacts: Ok so the first one I picked was to make a gif reaction with a caption and story to go with it.

Picture this: You are having a conversation with your friend, your friend is telling you about her new boyfriend, you obviously intrigued continue to listen until she admits…….she’s dating your father……

DS106 Who Said What: This next one relates to the class’ overall secret agent theme? Tell me did this secret agent say this?

DS106 Make a Silly Movie Poster:For my final assignment bank tasks, I picked make a silly movie poster, because what could be funnier!

Week 1 Summary:

The first week of this class has honestly been overwhelming, I am not really sure what I expected from the class, but I got to say Professor Bond’s guides to success have been quite helpful.

The first thing I did was spend probably about a good hour setting up all my media accounts and reading through the DS106 website, to make sure I wasn’t gonna miss a thing. I spent a lot of time setting up specific accounts for the class, trying to remember my Youtube password and discovering what Slack was. Until this class I have never heard of slack before so that was interesting and I probably sent myself like twelve messages through it before I realized I was talking to myself.

The introductions were easy except for the Youtube and SoundCloud. I felt so cringey listening to myself speak on the SoundCloud doc and watching my facial reactions during my video introduction YIKES. Totally out of my comfort zone but not totally uncomfortable, if you get what I’m saying.

Some things I learned this week involved the following:

  • One registering my website and trying to re established a previous blog to correlate with class, a definite learning curve
  • WordPress: used it before but still find it confusing
  • Never knew what an RSS feed was
  • Previously mentions recording myself for SoundCloud, that was a definite knew one

Despite these little learning curves I honestly had fun creating and setting up and exploring these other media sites that I haven’t used before. Below is a link to two of my other blog posts. One containing all my introductions and the other my Secret Agent themed responses!

Also I really like this cat meme.

My Introduction Blog:

My Secret Agent Blog:

Secret Agent

As dorky as it may sound I have always been interested in this romantic view of a secret agent, so I love the theme. I remember this little cartoon “Totally Spies” totally wanted to be a spy after that, and who can forget the ultimate James Bond movie. I’m a total movie gal when you really get to know me specifically action dramas like spy movies.

When it comes to incorporating this theme into the class, I can almost see us all in a sense like secret agents from our computer screens. Each of us have chosen this identity real or not to showcase to the class. Some of us could be making up the whole story, some might be real who knows? Also the aspect of navigating these different spectrum of technology feels very Kim Possible’s computer dude. I can’t really explain why, but that is what I think of.

The Start of Something…..

Hello Hello Hello!

My name is Hannah and I am a senior graduating in May of this semester. I’m excited to be pretty much be done with my college career and just finishing up some “waited until the last minute” classes. I really look forward to interacting with you guys through the web. A little about myself, I recently started a new job so you’ll see a lot of my posts either at 4 am in the morning or 8 pm at night lol. Sometimes maybe a little in between, doubt it, I do most of my online work at work starting at 4 am. Below is all my other media introductions, feel free to explore these!

Instagram: @hkolkmeyds106

Twitter: @hannahkolkmeyer

Youtube: enjoy this super cringy video introduction

SoundCloud: This is also super cringy, but if my family could keep a straight face we might drop a sick track with this cover photo