Week 6 Summary

This week we really explored ways of convey art through photography and type. I think in art these are two of the most basic forms of reaching a reader! Below is my own exploration of these design principles.

First, I wrote a reflection on a short book we read in regards to these fundamental design principles. Check out what I learned below!

Second I participated in a Design Blitz. This had me pick four funadmental elements of photo design and to capture it in a photo. I work a lot and I used my job which has numerous symbols and artistic value to capture. See what I found below:

Third, we did of course another round of weekly assignments, specifically in the design section of the weekly assignments. I picked three that totaled up to 12 stars. I actually really enjoyed this and had fun, but I have to say Photoshop is really hard! I totally went in to the Photoshop and was like oh this is easy, and I was wrong. So I really felt challenged doing these weekly assignments, but I think for someone who hasn’t messed with these programs since high school I think I did pretty well.

For this one I took my name and generated some cool letters. I tried to capture my personality in the letters which is edgy, fun and unique.

For this one we were to make a Book Cover Design. I again pulled my job into this one and couldn’t help but make a guide to dealing with pool chemicals for dummies. I really couldn’t resist especially after coming home to from work today after dealing with what I dealt with.
For this one were to make a PSA Billboard! I turned my biggest pet peeve into a billboard, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! I can not stand people who don’t use their turn signal, so someone make this billboard legit!

Fourth I did four Daily Creates, below is my responses. And yes I like Nickleback, I’m sorry.

I really enjoyed this Daily Create because it reminds you to always stop and listen, everyone needs someone.
This is my favorite photo from my vacation in California. I was dealing with some difficult stuff and being in the ocean air away from everything was the greatest experience!


So I had the pleasure of reading a short booklet by Massimo Vignelli called The Vignelli Canon. The booklet took us through a couple of different types of visual components when dealing with artistic values like the type. There was a section that talked about the paper, the size of the words, and how words are placed. This brings up the proportion aspect we have explored through this week. I think it’s important to look at things carefully and slowly because specifically in the art involving words or saying the deliverance is the most important. There is also the importance of color mentioned in the readings, specifically how color conveys the message’s emotion. For example, red would mean serious or no. It’s interesting though that the font can mean different things to everybody. As the writer it could mean one thing and then for the reader can see it as something different.

Question of the week answer:

What makes a poster look like a poster? What makes a book cover look like a book cover? It takes more than just putting words together with a photo. What distinguishes design from decoration? How does your work this week build on what you did in the previous weeks? How does design build on photography? How do design principles or elements of design apply to audio production? To video production? 

  • A poster looks like a poster because it conveys a message of some type. A poster means something to you, just like the cover a book. They both convey specific message so it is important as the writer to . convey the message as artisitcally as possible. Each week our work builds on each other, we learn how to expand on different artistic values and design. Design is the center of all things photography, audio, and video production, in order to convey your message you have have a design behind it.

Book Cover Design

I work in managing aquatics and honestly, I can’t tell you how much stupid stuff happens at the pool specifically with chemicals. I am continuously baffled by the lack of common sense I witness, with that in my mind I created the following book. Again I am really bad at photo editing, like bad, I almost threw my laptop trying to create this.

PSA Billboard

This actually was really fun to me because you got to make a PSA for a Billboard of anything you wanted. I did the only acceptable thing, which was to make a Billboard about using your car blinker! Why don’t people use their blinkers! It’s not that amazing because I am really bad at photoshop and photo editing software.


Nothing gets blitzer then a design blitz! Below I depicted four different photos for this mission. Color, minimalism, Metaphors and Symbols, and Proportion.

Color: I wanted to capture something beyond beutiful for this section to really represent it. Unfortunately want I wanted wasn’t possible thanks to this intereting weather we have been having, so I discovered this photo in my photo album. the gradient of purple and pinks and even hints of blues is breath taking.

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Color #DesignBlitz

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Minimalism: The subtle art of not over doing it. I captured this photo at work of our logo. The desgin is minimal but conveys a message of the fact that this is a pool. The AQUATICS part of the logo gives you a mermaid/Possiden vibe to it. Minimal, simple, and rather elegant.

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Minimalism #designblitz

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Methaphors and Symbols: I again took another photo at work, cause ya know work is life, but at a pool we use lots of symbols and methaphors to help us convey messages of rules to our guest. This one is one of our many symbols that we use. We do not allow eating on the pool deck so to help reinforce this we put a “NO FOOD OR DRINK” sign. The food is crossed out in red to help again reinforce that food=no. Symbols specifically are used commonly to help the average person understand a rule or situation. Where else may you have seen a symbol?

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Metaphors and Symbols #designblitz

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Proportion and Balance: For a design to be visually pleasing or easy for a reader to understand there needs to be some type of proportion as well as balance to the piece. The photo below is a photo of a safety sheet at my job. This sheet uses words and images to convey the safety message. The images are proportioned to not be overly big that your eyes are only drawn to the image, but not so small that you can not see the image. This allows a visually pleasing read for the reader and forces them to both see the image and the photo. I think proportion is crucial, especially if the writer or artist is trying to convey a message.

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Proportion and a hint of balance #designblitz

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Weekly Summary #5

This week is another hard week I have to take my computer in twice for repairs and almost didn’t get my audio files to download.

Alright first up is my Radio Bumper. I actually had to retake this like twelve times cause I kept giggling

I would talk into my phone. So here is my impression of being a radio host!

The second thing I did was the weekly assignments. THIS WAS THE STRUGGLE! My computer hates Audacity and would crash almost 80% of the time I was trying to upload a file. I haven’t used Audacity since high school, so it really took me a minute or two to really gather myself on the site. Audacity can be kind of funky but I managed and felt like I made some cool pieces! Check them out below!

The first one is my version of a mash of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

My second piece is a scary situation. I smash a scary version of Happy Birthday……listen if you dare.

My third piece is what I call going to a vicious battle but realizing its a dance battle! Telling a story with music, lets see what images you come up with.

So my third major assignment that I did was listening to “Moon Graffiti” and I also watch some videos in regards to what digital storytelling is and how to tell stories digitally. I wrote a reflection about this and actually learned quite a bit about how to tell stories digitally and manipulate and use noises and background sounds to create images for the listener to help create the story.

I also did three daily creates this week:

The first create I talked about my favorite spy books I read when I was little. The Gallagher girls are secret group of girls at a spy school, wouldn’t you want to be involved in that!

The second daily create I talked about how sound can be manipulated, which can also be a sense of digital storytelling. I talked about a Criminal Minds episode where a man manipulated wood, steam, and sand paper to create a hypno song.

The third daily create I talked about what Hotel DS 106 was hiding behind closed doors, but I good spy never gives her secrets away.

I also brainstormed some ideas for the Radio show groups. I tried to come up with ideas that fit my personality and interest and then a couple that relate to our class theme!

Fianlly the Question of the Week: How do sounds tell a story? How do they convey a sense of time and place? A sense of action?

Sounds tell a story by creating mental images in the listener’s mind. This I think is better because it allows the listener to understand the story in their own way. The creator of the digital story can incorporate sound effects and narration to help convey time and place as well as the atmosphere. For adding action just drop a sick beat and people will know whats up.


I have been thinking of some things that I could do to create a radio show, so I would have enough things to talk about to keep my readers listening. I also wanted to come up with some ideas that could help my listeners generate some solid images.

I came up with three ideas that are within my interests:

  • Benefits of Yoga
  • What is the Best Cardio
  • Succulents and O2

I think all three of these ideas could generate three radio show episodes.

So I also came up with 2 ideas related to the class itself

  • The Reality of a Spy Life
  • Reality vs. Fiction

Love Myself

Love Myself

Who doesn’t love a good Justin and Selena mashup? I personally enjoy the songs “Love Yourself” and “Hands to Myself.” These two songs are very emotional on both parts and I felt like they fitted together well! Unfortunately because they are popular songs I had trouble uploading it because of copyright issues, so I am attempting to include it. This audio file should work well.