Video Essay: Spy Kids

I chose to look into the movie Spy Kids for my video essay. I actually not very happy with this assignment I kind of struggled with some concepts spoken in the article, but I tried my best and that is all you can do right?

Anyways I screen recorded the first couple scenes of Spy Kids and then put it in iMovie and did a quick little voice over mainly focusing on the simple graphical structures of the movie and its well built build up to the climax of the movie. Literally all video upload sites hate me so now this is very funky.

Weekly Summary: #10

This week was a challenge I feel like I have been sprinting all week and haven’t had a chance to walk or breath. I attempted to challenge myself this week by exploring apps like iMovie and Splice to edit and mash up my videos. I have never done a voice over before so that was new and pretty exciting thing to learn, I really felt like a Youtuber.

My first assignment for the week was narrating a clip from a movie that relates to our class. I chose Spy Kids for the fact that I ended up watching the whole movie and who wouldn’t? I did a screen recording of the movie through my laptop and then uploaded it to iMovie and completed a voice over. I describe the different characters and the physical aspects that give the movie its juicy and creative vibe.

For my second piece of work this week I did a spy questionnaire. For this i mashed up the responses we were given to create me spy’s own responses. I again used iMovie for this and I think it came out all right.

For my third assignment, I did 10 stars worth of video assignments from the assignment bank. I did a total of three different pieces of work.

The first one was a How To Tutorial:: Chlorine Readings. i did this because I am always working and you will always find me at my pool so I thought it would be fun to this tell all. I used an app called Splice for iPhone, because I recorded the video via iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

The second one was a Play by Play of a football game I knew nothing about. literally I don’t know anything about football so this will give you a laugh. i did a screen recording of the game and then added a voice over in iMovie.

My third one was a VLOG video I did and I took my phone around with me at work and gave every insight to my job! I actually had fun with this and did enjoy the editing process. I did multiple different videos for this assignment and then used Splice to edit it enjoy!

The last part of this week was my TDC. I did two one involving making a new water game and another that feature the fact that I would enjoy having puppies vended to me lol.


SHOCKING I DID ANOTHER VIDEO ABOUT MY JOB. Really though, I live at work so this was pretty much the only thing to see, I decided to film some hours of my morning and few from the afternoon. I was on a pretty long shift today so I was able to capture a lot for the video and show you guys kind of the behind the scenes of aquatics. I used an app called splice to help me edit and transition this hope you enjoyed!

Play by Play

I am the worse person to talk to about football. I literally know nothing. So this was a fun thing to do in the sense that I learned how to record my present screen and how to do a voice over in imove. I felt very Youtube like doing this. I picked a random game I found on Youtube and this is what we got.

Weekly Summary: #9

Hello Hello! I am uploading this late because I have a terrible computer, but I managed to have the Apple store pull most of my data so thankfully some of my harder work was saved!!!

Ok first thing I wrote was about the radio show. I was able to listen partly during the week but I got some good information on the radio show, Girl Power.

Check out my thoughts below!

Second I had some fun with a little web coding. This was fun for me, like a lot of fun. I twisted it by taking my fave website and store, Target, and turning it into a shopping store for secret agent. Check it out below.

Third I worked on my web assignments. I did two four star assignments.

The first one was a Buzzfeed quiz, I had a lot of fun with this one. Tell me what type of flower are you??

My second web assignment was a scary story I crafted and blogged about on Reddit. This one was interesting because I have never used Reddit before so it took me a minute to get a feel for the whole situation. I did a post on a scary story that happened to me or did it? That’s up to you to find out.

I unfortunately lost my revisit work I had so this is all I have for the post 🙁

What Type of Flower are You?

Ok so this was really fun to me I made a quiz about what type of flower you could be based off your personality!

First thing though Buzzfeed is an absolute pain to work with, my end result was awesome! Check out the link to my flower quiz. I attached the link to the quiz below!

The making of the quiz wasn’t that hard Buzzfeed has a pretty neat set up with a bunch of different templates. All i had to do was come up with the question and insert them here and there.

Web Storytelling: Secret Agent Edition

I had a lot of fun with this and I am very thankful that I didn’t lose my hard work and my wonderful computer crash! I decided to combine my favorite store, Target, with my character! Who wants to go shopping for a secret agent??

This was actually quite the challenge because my computer hates me, but I am severely thankful that it saved and was retrievable. This was really interesting to do and I enjoyed the relaxed coding I did on it. It actually made me want to learn how to code and again. I know little bit from a previous class but it been a long time, so this was a good time.

Radio Show Review: Girl Power

So I listend to Girl Power radio show this past week and I have to say I absolutely loved every minute of their show. First of all I love their name! We love a empowered females!

I learned a lot from this radio show in regards to their secret agents. I had also done a female secret agent character creation so I really enjoyed listening to other people discuss their female characters and seeing how they developed them. One thing I really enjoyed about some of these shows and I think it was this one was the discussion of what outfits these female spies wear. I find it common to find the female spies, the few their are, always dressed pretty sexy and put together. I now realize how stereotypical that is and never truly thought about it until now!

I had a great time this week with the radio shows!