Week #8: Daily Creates

Below are the two Daily Creates I did for this week.

The first one was what happened to Prince Charming? Who kidnapped Prince Charming? So I had a little fun with this and decided to play it up a little. We all know the Little Mermaid Ariel and we all know about her multiple sisters, so why not play on the idea she may have an evil twin sister, Aria. So if you really want to know who kidnapped Ariel’s Prince Charming you should probably investigate her evil twin.

My second Daily Create was about what my Chinese dragon is. My Chinese dragon is my necklace of the blessed Mother given to me by my grandmother when I was 14. I consider this my dragon because one time the clasp of my necklace broke. That was the worse week of my life, nothing was going my way I never slept, and I was extremely paranoid. Once I finally got my necklace fixed everything seemed right again.