Week #8: Radio Show Progress: 101.2 The Spy

I feel like I haven’t posted on here in a month, what a wonderful spring break it was, lots and lots of sleeping.

Anywho, we dug deep to finish our radio show. Each of use worked on our own portions of how we were going to talk about our characters and how they relate to other spy characters. For myself I spent sometime watching the movie “Salt,” becasue this was the movie I was going to related my own character I created, Malia Tate. After I watched that movie, I took time to see how I wanted to build my character, I wanted her to have an independent story so I worked on that.

Then to really tie my piece of the radio show together I told the story of the spy character, Evelyn Salt, from the movie “Salt” and then the story of Malia Tate, my own character. I then ended my radio segement by discussing the similarities. I really hit on how a lot of spy movies have generally the same theme. They all focus on the drive for the truth. Each spy is seraching for the truth, when you live in a world of decption and lies you will do just about anything to undercover what true. In this case both of these characters were doing that. Evelyn was trying to reveal the truth of how she was set up to look like a Russian sleeper agent, and Malia is searching for the truth about who her husband really is.

After recording my piece, I sent that and my commercial to one of our group mates who graciously volunteered to pieces all the puzzle pieces together. She did a remarkable job of fitting all our segemtns to something so flawless.

All in all the assignment was pretty fun, and I got to work with some cool people on it. I did enjoy watching the movie knowing that it was for school!

Our radio show is going to be uploaded by Madeleine on SoundCloud today.

I have linked my Daily Create summaries on here since I will be submitting this link!