Absolutely crazy to think that this is the final summary I will be writing for this class! I am glad to be finishing this off and moving on into graduation week!

In this summary you will find information and a summary about my final project or mission I should say. There will be a link to my secret mission follow it to see how I portrayed my final work for this class!

Anyways a summary of what I did for this project. I basically wanted to do an ending conclusion of everything I have done for this class. So I started by resurfacing and reediting pass work to correlate with my story I wanted to tell. I also went ahead and took my new mission idea, which was a virtual scavenger hunt, and used that idea to create this project. Below I am going to give a quick run down of what I did, without giving away too many details 😉

  1. I re-blogged my story of my Secret Agent character Malia Tate, see below

2. I then sent you to an urgent mission release, you the reader became an agent on the spot, this post featured some video and audio components

3. You then were whisked away from a clue of that blog to another blog that featured some bright yellow displays with another hidden clue. Come on, your mission is to save the Secret Agent!!

4. From this mystical yellow field you followed the next clue to a lost city

5. From this lost city you were led to a coffee shop??? hmm interesting

That’s all I can say for now though without giving away to many details.

To basically summarize this I included visual, video, audio and design components into this final piece separated into multiple blogs. I really hope you all enjoyed searching for our lost agent and bringing her home safely!


Week #13: Project Outline

First of all uhm like the semester is over next week???? Like what????? Anyways check out what I have planned for my project.

For my project what I want to do is incorporate my favorite media tools and tell the story of my character! In a previous blog I posted kind of an open ended story of my character so I want to end that story. Basically I would start by taking that blog and I want to create a scavenger hunt style story where you the reader has to hop to different blogs based off clues.

So to lay this out better, I plan to use some of favorite media sources to create multiple different blogs and stories! As the reader, you would first read my blog from when I started my character’s story. From that blog, you will be given a clue for the next part of the story. This part of the story will be in a different media than before and the title of it will be the answer to the clue. Basically you the reader are a secret agent searching through code words to find the ultimate spy tale!

So far I have been working on different medias and laying out how I will code all my stories. I am working on trying to make is challenging but not too challenging where people get frustrated. My media of choices so far involve design, visual, video, and web. There will be five posts total, four of them created based on the four medias I chose. The first blog post will just be an average blog to get the story and then that will lead you to the world of deciphering code to find nothing but the whole truth of who Malia Tate is! Are you up for the challenge spy?

I hope this makes sense, I don’t want to give away too much!

Weekly Summary # 11

This has not been my best week by any means. I pushed through and didn’t do amazing but I finished my assignments for this week. This may sound lazy but I decided to do a continuation of my last week assignments specifically my how to tutorial and VLOG for my assignment bank pieces.

For my how to tutorial I decided to show how to be a secret agent. My mom about died of laughter filming this for me, so it was a lot of fun for us. I used splice to create the video and then used imovie for some edits. Splice is probably my favorite app ever when it comes to editing movies on an iphone!

For my VLOG I did a round 2 of a Day in my life. This was partly because I do a lot at my job and I love my job. My managers are my family and I am grateful to be there so why not show others?!?! So below is another VLOG of my day, again I used Splice to piece together my videos and then did some music edits with imovie. My goal was so try to spice up my videos and make them similar but different from last week.

Play by Play was assignment number 3 to close off my ten stars. I am terrible at voice overs expecially with sports. This one features baseball. WAHOOO. Anyways I used imovie to do the voice over and add the title for the video. I hope you guys enjoy my little piece of nonsense.

A created a possible mission for the class in this post. I actually thought this would be a great idea for the class and spent sometime really thinking about it.

Weekly Summary: #10

This week was a challenge I feel like I have been sprinting all week and haven’t had a chance to walk or breath. I attempted to challenge myself this week by exploring apps like iMovie and Splice to edit and mash up my videos. I have never done a voice over before so that was new and pretty exciting thing to learn, I really felt like a Youtuber.

My first assignment for the week was narrating a clip from a movie that relates to our class. I chose Spy Kids for the fact that I ended up watching the whole movie and who wouldn’t? I did a screen recording of the movie through my laptop and then uploaded it to iMovie and completed a voice over. I describe the different characters and the physical aspects that give the movie its juicy and creative vibe.

For my second piece of work this week I did a spy questionnaire. For this i mashed up the responses we were given to create me spy’s own responses. I again used iMovie for this and I think it came out all right.

For my third assignment, I did 10 stars worth of video assignments from the assignment bank. I did a total of three different pieces of work.

The first one was a How To Tutorial:: Chlorine Readings. i did this because I am always working and you will always find me at my pool so I thought it would be fun to this tell all. I used an app called Splice for iPhone, because I recorded the video via iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

The second one was a Play by Play of a football game I knew nothing about. literally I don’t know anything about football so this will give you a laugh. i did a screen recording of the game and then added a voice over in iMovie.

My third one was a VLOG video I did and I took my phone around with me at work and gave every insight to my job! I actually had fun with this and did enjoy the editing process. I did multiple different videos for this assignment and then used Splice to edit it enjoy!

The last part of this week was my TDC. I did two one involving making a new water game and another that feature the fact that I would enjoy having puppies vended to me lol.

Week #8: Radio Show Progress: 101.2 The Spy

I feel like I haven’t posted on here in a month, what a wonderful spring break it was, lots and lots of sleeping.

Anywho, we dug deep to finish our radio show. Each of use worked on our own portions of how we were going to talk about our characters and how they relate to other spy characters. For myself I spent sometime watching the movie “Salt,” becasue this was the movie I was going to related my own character I created, Malia Tate. After I watched that movie, I took time to see how I wanted to build my character, I wanted her to have an independent story so I worked on that.

Then to really tie my piece of the radio show together I told the story of the spy character, Evelyn Salt, from the movie “Salt” and then the story of Malia Tate, my own character. I then ended my radio segement by discussing the similarities. I really hit on how a lot of spy movies have generally the same theme. They all focus on the drive for the truth. Each spy is seraching for the truth, when you live in a world of decption and lies you will do just about anything to undercover what true. In this case both of these characters were doing that. Evelyn was trying to reveal the truth of how she was set up to look like a Russian sleeper agent, and Malia is searching for the truth about who her husband really is.

After recording my piece, I sent that and my commercial to one of our group mates who graciously volunteered to pieces all the puzzle pieces together. She did a remarkable job of fitting all our segemtns to something so flawless.

All in all the assignment was pretty fun, and I got to work with some cool people on it. I did enjoy watching the movie knowing that it was for school!

Our radio show is going to be uploaded by Madeleine on SoundCloud today.

I have linked my Daily Create summaries on here since I will be submitting this link!

Week #8: Daily Creates

Below are the two Daily Creates I did for this week.

The first one was what happened to Prince Charming? Who kidnapped Prince Charming? So I had a little fun with this and decided to play it up a little. We all know the Little Mermaid Ariel and we all know about her multiple sisters, so why not play on the idea she may have an evil twin sister, Aria. So if you really want to know who kidnapped Ariel’s Prince Charming you should probably investigate her evil twin.

My second Daily Create was about what my Chinese dragon is. My Chinese dragon is my necklace of the blessed Mother given to me by my grandmother when I was 14. I consider this my dragon because one time the clasp of my necklace broke. That was the worse week of my life, nothing was going my way I never slept, and I was extremely paranoid. Once I finally got my necklace fixed everything seemed right again.

Weekly Summary #7

This week was eventful because we began our group project work. I spent time attempting to make my audio assignments fit with our project and working on criteria for the project.

I worked three out of my four audio assignments dedicated to my project. The first one is “Call Me, Beep Me.” (3 stars) My specific aim for this was to possibly use it in my radio show to show maybe a new movie coming out or even just give some insight into my characters movements. I had trouble with uploading audio so unfortunately, it is not perfect, but I created some audio that is my agent giving an SOS call sign for immediate help.

I dedicated my “Create A Place,” (four stars) to my radio show as well. My goal with this is to possibly use it as a radio bumped or maybe a commercial. I wanted to create suspense and its a little sad but I know that everyone can envision the story I am telling with this audio piece, which was my main goal for this whole piece.

I dedicated one more audio assignment to my radio show. I used “Humming Away,” ( 2 stars) to help create another possible radio bumper or commercial audio piece. I kind of took what has been a reoccurring song for me thanks to the beautiful kids I watch, Trinkle Little Star. The song has been stuck in my head for about three weeks now because the 1-year-old absolutely adores it.

My last audio assignment was one star audio assignment to help me fullfill the 10 star need. This one hurt….literally hurt. I did “Auditory Hell,” and hell it truely was. I absolutely hate the sound of scratching nails and styrofoam. I can’t stand either sound, so this really made my skin crawl and my stomach turn.

I also did another post all about my the progress in our group radio show. I feel as a group we accomplished a lot and each of used our audio assignments to help us create content for the show. We have done the basics of setting up a group message and a google doc to help us all see what we are working on each. I have the details of our progress listed in the blog below. The biggest thing we have a accomplished this week is starting it and really hitting the ground running since Monday! I love a motivated group!

My final piece that is dedicated to my radio show, is my own radio promo for the our group show. I created a simplistic logo that fits the security poriton of our theme and incudes the channel of our radio show. The promo gives you a little detail of our agents and what we plan to discuss during the show.

To wrap up the week of activities I also did three Daily Creates.

My favorite and also lowkey terrifying TDC asked me about my biggest mystery in life right now. Let’s be real everyone’s biggest mystery if you are a Senior, is what am I doing after graduation!! Where will my life take me? Am I ready to be a professional? The next couple of months is one giatn mystery.

My next TDC actually really made me think how much of a hold technology has on the world and myself. How much power does technology have? I don’t personally feel like technology has power over me, but i sure do feel that it encompasses my everyday life, but that is the power of the future. I reflected on this in the twitter post below.

The last TDC I did literally made me bust out laughing so hard. It is so silly and funny and I laughed for twenty minutes playing with this

That is it for my weekly summary. I really hope you guys enjoyed this, I tried to make my weekly summary posts pretty detailed on purpose to give you a glimpse at what you are looking at! Please comment!

Weekly Summary #5

This week is another hard week I have to take my computer in twice for repairs and almost didn’t get my audio files to download.

Alright first up is my Radio Bumper. I actually had to retake this like twelve times cause I kept giggling

I would talk into my phone. So here is my impression of being a radio host!

The second thing I did was the weekly assignments. THIS WAS THE STRUGGLE! My computer hates Audacity and would crash almost 80% of the time I was trying to upload a file. I haven’t used Audacity since high school, so it really took me a minute or two to really gather myself on the site. Audacity can be kind of funky but I managed and felt like I made some cool pieces! Check them out below!

The first one is my version of a mash of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

My second piece is a scary situation. I smash a scary version of Happy Birthday……listen if you dare.

My third piece is what I call going to a vicious battle but realizing its a dance battle! Telling a story with music, lets see what images you come up with.

So my third major assignment that I did was listening to “Moon Graffiti” and I also watch some videos in regards to what digital storytelling is and how to tell stories digitally. I wrote a reflection about this and actually learned quite a bit about how to tell stories digitally and manipulate and use noises and background sounds to create images for the listener to help create the story.

I also did three daily creates this week:

The first create I talked about my favorite spy books I read when I was little. The Gallagher girls are secret group of girls at a spy school, wouldn’t you want to be involved in that!

The second daily create I talked about how sound can be manipulated, which can also be a sense of digital storytelling. I talked about a Criminal Minds episode where a man manipulated wood, steam, and sand paper to create a hypno song.

The third daily create I talked about what Hotel DS 106 was hiding behind closed doors, but I good spy never gives her secrets away.

I also brainstormed some ideas for the Radio show groups. I tried to come up with ideas that fit my personality and interest and then a couple that relate to our class theme!

Fianlly the Question of the Week: How do sounds tell a story? How do they convey a sense of time and place? A sense of action?

Sounds tell a story by creating mental images in the listener’s mind. This I think is better because it allows the listener to understand the story in their own way. The creator of the digital story can incorporate sound effects and narration to help convey time and place as well as the atmosphere. For adding action just drop a sick beat and people will know whats up.

Weekly Summary #4

This week has been crazy! Dealing with a ton of stuff but still pushing along with school and classes! My assignments are kind of in a weird order but I think the point is clear.

First up is the Photoblitzer. This one was fun and creative. It really took me some time to come up with what to take photos of and just in general trying to be creative.

Second was the still shot assignment, #lovethis. This was extremely enjoyable, mainly because I really love the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I will switch it up next week though no worries, but I literally just re watched the movie. Below is my analysis of a still shot from one of my favorite scenes of the movie.

Third was the photography section. I liked this little analysis I did of myself, mainly because at one point I really wanted to get involved in photography.

Fourth is my collection from the Assignment Bank. I am not going to get into to much detail because the posts speak for themselves, but each one of these assignments banks really tapped into my creative side. I spent time thinking and re doing and trying to capture myself and my own humor in each post.

The first one is the design to shock. I took my love for nature and protecting it and turned it into an aggressive photo of Smokey the Bear.

The second one is animated pet. This one was funny and even funnier if I could have gotten the video to upload properly. My dog is an idol in my house so god forbid the dog hurts his ankle.

The third one was Pop Star out of Place. So i took Kevin Hart and put him in a place where I felt he would be a that exact facial expression.

My final assignment bank was Camp Poster. I have always wanted to do a rock climbing camp. I do often like to free climb with no experience, which is dangerous so it would have been cool if i had been able to go to a summer camp of some type.

Fifth is my collection of Daily Creates

My first one I did was talking about six words that admire. “Before we fall, we fly” everyone makes mistakes but before you fall something sets you free and sends you flying into success.

Second one was about who I would turn into a frog if I were a witch. My old manager, let me tell you that person almost single handily ruined my passion for what I was doing. I would turn him so quick.

My third and final daily create was if I had a lot of money from a Bitcoin investment that paid off what would i do with it. I would immediately set myself free from these student loans.

Finally my last post to finish off the week is the question of the week.

I am inspired by the creativity level of my classmates. They push me to challenge my creativity level to challenge myself and think outside the box! This week my way of inspiring was to try and look at things differently and try to make different type of creative content for my post. I think the best way to inspire is not just through words but also actions.

Weekly Summary #3

Again I am my own worse motivator, but this week was another tough personal week so I found myself sitting down and doing all the work for the week between yesterday and today.

With that said this week, a lot happened. I re watched one of my favorite movies and spent time looking deeper into the story line and theme of the movie. This caused me to notice certain things I never noticed before. In the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I finally noticed the absolute passionate relationship the two held. I also noticed though the absolutely thrilling adventures of assassins spies they endured and absolute bad*** fight scenes! I spent time analyzing who the bad and good guys were in the movie and came to the conclusion that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were both good and bad. Also can we point out that the movie was like an odd marriage session for the two of them? LOL.

TM and © 2005 by Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc. and Monarchy Enterprises S.a.r.l. Not for sale or duplication.

Character Dossier:

I almost forgot to include this in my weekly summary! I really loved doing this portion of the assignments for this week! I just finished reading this really good book, so some of inspiration comes from the book, but I am honestly excited to possibly grow this character into something super secret and cool this semester. How ordinary is Mila Tate?

For the week I also spent time in the Assignment Bank, working specifically on writing assignments. I cried a little writing the letter to my mom and laughed as I tried to remember how to make a Haiku. Creating the Terms of Service for the Apocalypse was one of my favorites because it was a no holds bar type of assignment and you got to go in whatever direction you wanted.

I absolutely love the mountains and the peace they have a tendency to bring when you are at the top. I knew instantly what I wanted to write about in my little poem. Took me some google and remembering though.

Daily Creates:

For the daily creates is where I honestly slaked this week,i still did them just not when I was suppose too. I need to get better at starting the work for this class earlier and paying closer attention to my assignments. I hate to make excuses but I have been so wrapped up in my personal business I have let small things like the daily creates slide. At least I still tried right? Below and is what I created. The first one is in regards to my favorite thing the outdoors and how it was so much easier to enjoy when distractions didn’t really exist, like apple watch and smart phones, when you are ten years old playing in the yard. The next one is about creating a combination platform of both Twitter and Facebook, I love twitter because honestly some of the crude humor I come across is absolutely hilarious and Facebook just keeps you so entertained when you should really be doing your homework. The last one is my take on using emojis to speak in a language, its a tad 21st century but worked for what I was aiming for.

Slack Question Response: What makes a good blog? etc. (here is the link)