Mila Tate, Ordinary Girl with a Not so Ordinary secret

Mila is no average girl, she is small pale skin dark hair, piercing green eyes and the meanest right hook you have ever seen. Mila family and friends, including her husband all believe that her job as military civilian contractor is just as ordinary as her life. Little do they know the secret underground agency she runs with that stops political assassinations around the world.

Mila is from small town in Texas. She moved to Virginia to attend the University of Virginia Law School. There she studied political law and corporate law. She later graduated and was offered a private contract with the military in dealing with legal matters with weapon supplies. While out on assignment Mila met her husband Pax, he too was a private contractor that worked for the military. The two had instant chemistry with no hopes of denying it. Pax was the most amazing person Mila had ever met and they quickly fell in love. They married quick and spent their honeymoon traveling across the world.

Mila loved Pax and would do anything to protect him, because of this she kept her little secret to herself, disguising her adventures to foreign countries as business trips. She manages well until she makes a mistake. While on assignment in Cuba, Mila is walking through the hotel she spots a familiar man. Hes tall with short brownish blonde hair cut into a crew cut with a messy top that falls perfectly. Broad shoulders, strong jaw and a tattoo on the back of his neck, “Death Before Dishonor.” Mila instantly freezes, she knows that tattoo anywhere, it’s her husbands…..but what is he doing here? He is suppose to be on business in Hong Kong……

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