Weekly Summary #7

This week was eventful because we began our group project work. I spent time attempting to make my audio assignments fit with our project and working on criteria for the project.

I worked three out of my four audio assignments dedicated to my project. The first one is “Call Me, Beep Me.” (3 stars) My specific aim for this was to possibly use it in my radio show to show maybe a new movie coming out or even just give some insight into my characters movements. I had trouble with uploading audio so unfortunately, it is not perfect, but I created some audio that is my agent giving an SOS call sign for immediate help.

I dedicated my “Create A Place,” (four stars) to my radio show as well. My goal with this is to possibly use it as a radio bumped or maybe a commercial. I wanted to create suspense and its a little sad but I know that everyone can envision the story I am telling with this audio piece, which was my main goal for this whole piece.

I dedicated one more audio assignment to my radio show. I used “Humming Away,” ( 2 stars) to help create another possible radio bumper or commercial audio piece. I kind of took what has been a reoccurring song for me thanks to the beautiful kids I watch, Trinkle Little Star. The song has been stuck in my head for about three weeks now because the 1-year-old absolutely adores it.

My last audio assignment was one star audio assignment to help me fullfill the 10 star need. This one hurt….literally hurt. I did “Auditory Hell,” and hell it truely was. I absolutely hate the sound of scratching nails and styrofoam. I can’t stand either sound, so this really made my skin crawl and my stomach turn.

I also did another post all about my the progress in our group radio show. I feel as a group we accomplished a lot and each of used our audio assignments to help us create content for the show. We have done the basics of setting up a group message and a google doc to help us all see what we are working on each. I have the details of our progress listed in the blog below. The biggest thing we have a accomplished this week is starting it and really hitting the ground running since Monday! I love a motivated group!

My final piece that is dedicated to my radio show, is my own radio promo for the our group show. I created a simplistic logo that fits the security poriton of our theme and incudes the channel of our radio show. The promo gives you a little detail of our agents and what we plan to discuss during the show.

To wrap up the week of activities I also did three Daily Creates.

My favorite and also lowkey terrifying TDC asked me about my biggest mystery in life right now. Let’s be real everyone’s biggest mystery if you are a Senior, is what am I doing after graduation!! Where will my life take me? Am I ready to be a professional? The next couple of months is one giatn mystery.

My next TDC actually really made me think how much of a hold technology has on the world and myself. How much power does technology have? I don’t personally feel like technology has power over me, but i sure do feel that it encompasses my everyday life, but that is the power of the future. I reflected on this in the twitter post below.

The last TDC I did literally made me bust out laughing so hard. It is so silly and funny and I laughed for twenty minutes playing with this

That is it for my weekly summary. I really hope you guys enjoyed this, I tried to make my weekly summary posts pretty detailed on purpose to give you a glimpse at what you are looking at! Please comment!

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